Who we are.

    Ronbay Technology (Ningbo Technology Lithium Battery Material Co., Ltd.) (‘Ronbay Lithium Battery’ for short) is a high tech new energy material enterprise and a transnational group corporate for professional research and business of positive electrode material?of lithium battery, controlled by Beijing Ronbay Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. Reconstructed and established in September 2014, the corporate was built by two teams from China and South Korea both with successful entrepreneurial experience of more than 20 years in the field. Member companies include Ningbo Ronbay Lithium Battery Material Co., Ltd., Hubei Ronbay Lithium Battery Material Co., Ltd., Guizhou Ronbay Lithium Battery Material Co., Ltd., Beijing Ronbay New Energe Research Centre., JS (Korea) Co., Ltd. and EMT (Korea) Co., Ltd., TMR (Korea)Co. Ltd.


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