The Snow Sister – Behind the Scenes

10534154_329917603884945_2278630454458602040_nCreating the Snow Queen’s adventuresome sister’s outfit required some ingenuity, and my 7th grade econ class embroidery skills.

The outfit is three pieces, a button down shirt, blue skirt with embellished designs, and a black vest, lined with gold and hand-embroidered with green, pink and yellow threads.

The top was a simple button down shirt, but I converted the collar to a more mandarin style than the business turn down collar it came with, then added some decorative stitching along the cuffs.

10257795_356187411257964_4623608580134806576_nThe skirt had originally been a vintage dress, but I cut off the top piece, added an elastic waistband, and then painted the designs along the bottom.

I cut the bottom of the skirt for a scalloped look, then added a light periwinkle fabric to the bottom for the look of an underskirt.

10678714_329917690551603_6605740471785491150_nThe vest was created from a ‘little black dress’ that I cut to shape, then added the metallic piping and embroidery.