Re-Designing the Snow Queen – BTS

0610152114-699x1024Here’s a fun look at the artistry that went into the creation of The Snow Queen’s look:

Everything at The Fairytale Connection must meet our high standards of craftsmanship.   I try to do all the design and construction work myself, which makes each character a labor of love from start to finish.

The remake goal was to have a bluer dress, and more sparkles. Because even with an all over sparkle dress, there is never enough sparkle!

I started with the bodice.  White, plain, lace back top with hidden front closure.

0617151711And a lot of glitter vinyl cut into strips, that were custom painted into shades of blue.

Add a lot of glue, time, and patience, and it was all coming together!





0617151735-768x1024The final version has the back lacing replaced with a matching color stronger suede cord, and has the entire thing sealed with Modge Podge.










When one gets a super sparkly new dress, well, shoes matter!

The Snow Queen’s shoes are covered in 3 different shades of blue glitter, for a subtle ombre fade in and out.

It was a project involving a lot of hot glue, glitter, and cleaning up the glitter… for a least a month afterwards.

At first wearing, I was shedding glitter like a pixie fairy’s dust… but it was totally worth it!

Here’s the original shoe, chosen for its comfortable design, simple shape, and price point and then here’s a progress image as you see the magic taking shape.